My Go-To, Healthy Choice for Pre-Workout Energy

I’ve been trying to be more active and live healthier this summer. One energy drink, Celsius, has helped motivate me to do so. Recently, I’ve been drinking a Celsius before doing an at-home cardio workout. I’ve found that it has immensely increased my stamina and my desire for exercising.

What is it?

Celsius is a sparkling beverage that helps burn fat when consumed prior to exercise. Celsius alone won’t help you lose weight, but it does have lots of benefits. It doesn’t even compare to other energy drinks that are packed with sodium, carbs, and sugar. Let’s take a deeper look into what’s inside a can of Celsius.


With zero grams of sugar, only 2 grams of carbs, and 10 calories per can, Celsius is a much healthier alternative to other energy drinks. The brand’s famous formula includes green tea, ginger and Guarani seeds. These help boost the body’s metabolism.

Meanwhile, a 16 oz can of the original Monster drink has 110 calories, 27g of sugar, 27g of carbs and 180 mg of sodium per serving. If you’re drinking the whole can, just double those numbers – it’s two servings.

Celsius proudly advertises, “no high fructose corn syrup,” “no aspartame,” “no preservatives,” and “no artificial colors or flavors. Each can is also packed with 7 essential vitamins. Not only does the drink avoid potentially harmful sugar alternatives and other unhealthy additives, it even includes healthy vitamins and minerals.

Product Lines and Flavors

Celsius has a Celsius-Stevia line, which contains the natural, made-from-plants sweetener. This product is caffeinated with green coffee bean extract.

From the regular product line, Essential Energy, my favorite flavor is the wild berry. The orange flavor is also delicious. It tastes like a healthier and fresher Orange Fanta soda. For non-carbonated drinks, I love the Raspberry Acai Green Tea flavor. They also have a Peach Mango Green Tea non-carbonated drink.

For on-to-go easiness, Celsius sells powder stick packets that you add to water. These have all the popular favorites plus new flavors such as coconut, cranberry lemon and dragonfruit lime.

The Celsius Heat line has even more caffeine, at 300mg per can-sized serving. This performance line comes in new, fruity flavors and a larger, 16 oz size.

Shop My Favorite Flavors

You can find Celsius at Target or many of your local grocery stores, but they go for about $2 a piece. If you already know what you like, buying in packs can save you money. Check out Amazon’s deals below, or just browse the flavor list they have online.

Celsius Orange Flavor: Best Overall  

Celsius Wild Berry: My Personal Favorite 

Celsius On-The-Go, Cranberry Lem: Most Efficient & Best Deal 

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Why Celsius?

Celsius is natural-tasting, sweet, and the most satisfying energy drink. Drinking a Celsius is refreshing. It doesn’t fill you up or send you on a caffeine high, but your increase in performance is noticeable. When I do a 30-minute elliptical workout, I notice the difference in my energy and stamina when I have a pre-workout drink versus when I don’t.

You don’t need to feel guilty about drinking a Celsius. The natural ingredients, daily vitamins and lack of artificial flavors makes this one of the best choices for energy drinks. Cheers to that!

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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