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Streets of Venice, Italy
Gelato in Florence
Rialto Bridge in Venice
A Gondola in the Grand Canal
Tomato and basil bruschetta and cantaloupe with prosciutto

Vol 3, 2021

Welcome, Friends

As a hesitant and anxious sophomore, I decided to board a plane with 13 others from my college that I hadn’t previously met. We landed in Florence, Italy on February 7, 2021. I hadn’t realized at the time how much of an impact this journey was going to have on me.

I’ve always loved traveling. I envied those who got to experience places around the world that I hadn’t touched yet.

I went to school to study liberal arts. I wanted to major in English with a concentration in creative writing, but had no clue what I’d later do with that degree. I then expanded into psychology, turning my minor into another major. The two actually compliment each other very well.

When COVID hit during my first year, the whole world was flipped upside down. I think it made a lot of people realize their time on this world is limited, and I had a lot of dreams left to reach and places to see. I knew my interests, but didn’t have my passion just yet.

I had planned to study abroad during my sophomore year, and I had settled on Italy. Then schools closed down due to COVID-19 before I could make it out of freshman year. I spent my days at home, confined between the four walls of my small room. I yearned to get out and do something. The idea of going abroad was still bouncing around in my brain. I had no one to go with, the world was just beginning its battle with a global pandemic, and traveling seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford. But it kept itching and itching like a bad bug bite. I had to try to do it.

My decision to take a semester learning and growing in a different culture not only led to personal growth and independence, but also helped me to find my passion.

I dedicated my time to writing as I documented my experience. I made this page to show others the beauty, self improvement and absolute joy of traveling.

I hope this page finds you peace.

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