Why I Prefer Working Out in the Morning

I used to always be a night-workout addict. In my high school days, I’d get out of school at 3:03pm and get to work for 4pm. I’d be home by 10pm, then step right onto the elliptical that we had at home.

Even in my freshman year of college, I loved going to the gym after dinner. I did this because it made me feel better before going to bed. The feeling of fullness was something I despised, yet I struggled with overeating – plus, that dessert table and scoop-your-own-ice-cream was just too tempting. I also liked to shower at night, so showering after the gym was perfect timing in my eyes.

Working out after dinner (after waiting half an hour or so to let my food digest) eliminated that guilt of a big dinner and ice cream. Maybe I just should have addressed the bigger issue that I had with sugar and portion sizes.

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I won’t lie, the switch to working out in the morning was purely due to a crazy busy schedule. It wasn’t a switch of choice.

This past summer, I interned from 9am to 1pm, then would either have work at 2, 3, or sometimes 4pm. This only gave me a small window of time to get in a quick 30 minute cardio, shower and then I was off to work. I would get home around midnight, go to sleep, and do it all again.

I also started doing at-home mixed cardio and dance workouts while I was in Italy. When stuck in quarantine for weeks, I needed a way to get my exercise in. I started to routinely follow workouts by Studio by Jamie on YouTube. Her dance workouts made cardio fun, and I would look forward to doing a new workout after brunch every morning in my apartment.

These were a lot easier to do in the morning or afternoon because it gave me something to do while stuck inside my apartment. It simply filled up time. In contrast, this same window of time in the afternoon was the only time I had to workout over the summer.

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Now, I see the benefits of working out earlier in the day.

First off, it really does kickstart my day. I feel so much more awake, motivated and productive when I workout before lunchtime. I can’t seem to get myself to workout before 9am, but I’m sure it has an even better impact. Props to everyone who gets up with the rising sun and kickstarts their day in the best way. I’m a night owl. I like my sleep too much.

I also feel a lot happier after working out. Exercise has been proven by numerous studies to boost those happy chemicals in your brain. Not only do you feel accomplished, but you often feel happier! Instead of having a slow morning and putting off all that homework, you got up and did a workout. You’re productive, and that is worth a celebration.

Another life saver is my pre-workout energy of choice, Celsius. This drink has 200mg of caffeine, but strays away from those unhealthy added sugars that so many other energy drinks have. This natural choice has immensely helped motivate me to workout as well as increases my stamina during cardio. Not convinced? Check out, “My Go-To Choice for Pre-Workout Energy.” I’ll tell you all about it.

In general, working out can help eliminate stress, boost mood, and increase productivity.

I’ve found that working out at night would sometimes wind me up, since it can increase your energy post-workout. It would also lure over my head during the day if I didn’t want to do it. Or even worse, I would get too comfortable in my bed after dinner, waiting for my food to digest, and then I wouldn’t even end up going to the gym because I was tired.

Getting it done in the morning feels good. It doesn’t have to be 6am. It doesn’t have to be 8am. Just get up, get it done, and I PROMISE you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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“Cat, you got me drinking Celsius all the time. It’s just too good.”

My Go-To, Healthy Choice for Pre-Workout Energy

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