How I Make the BEST Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become quite trendy, as you can find it in most of the coffee shops around small towns and cities. If you’re an avocado lover, it makes a great breakfast. I love to make toast at home in the mornings, and sometimes I’ll have a sunny-side-up egg or two along with it (yolkContinue reading “How I Make the BEST Avocado Toast”

A Guide to Healthy Living in Florence, Italy

Keeping up a nutritious diet can be challenging while going abroad for several reasons. Not only is your diet changing as you’re exposed to new cuisines and cultures, but it can also be easy to get into a cycle of “treating yourself” to new treats. The purpose of this article is not to deter youContinue reading “A Guide to Healthy Living in Florence, Italy”

A 2020 Photo Trend – Plus Tips

We’re all using what, now? I think the last time I had used a disposable camera was the fourth grade. In the past year, they’ve become quite the trend, especially for teens. I LOVE taking pictures. Any of my friends could tell you how I always have my phone camera out, no matter where weContinue reading “A 2020 Photo Trend – Plus Tips”