The Out-Of-This-World Cookie Shop to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

On Washington Square in Salem, across from the Salem Common and the Witch Museum, is a little hub for late-night snackers.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with the sweet smells of freshly baked cookies. The dimly lit room is illuminated by neon decor and black lights.

Welcome to Goodnight Fatty.

The front-facing wall of the cookie counter depicts an astronaut floating through waves in an outer space-like pool. This astronomical atmosphere adds to the overall dazzling feel of this cookie shop.

Goodnight Fatty serves a lineup of 3 cookies each weekend. The best part is, they are different cookies every time. You don’t know what you’re gonna get until Friday afternoon rolls around and they post a teaser on Instagram for the weekend’s lineup. They sometimes have a theme, such as their recent take on 3 famous Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

Here are the best fatties I’ve had so far.

Midnight Funfetti

Their Midnight (double chocolate) dough has a sprinkling of rainbow confetti to taste like a rich brownie… and it’s delicious.

Chocolate Chip Poptart

This thick, chocolate chip cookie melts right in your mouth. It has a soft and gooey chocolate center that tastes like the inside of a pop tart!

Frosted Flakes Fatty

This cereal-inspired cookie tasted way better than I expected it to. The vanilla dough is topped with a sweet, sugary coating and real Frosted Flakes.

Nutter Butter

The peanut butter dough is so rich and buttery. While a simple, peanut butter flavor, this has been one of my favorites, ever. It’s topped with crushed pieces of Nutter Butter cookies.

White Chocolate Churro

If you like cinnamon, this fatty is for you. The soft, vanilla inside is filled with white chocolate chips. This cookie is topped with mini, cinnamon churros!

Reese’s PB

Stuffed with Reese’s pieces in a midnight dough, this cookie is all the chocolate and PB you need. This one is topped with chopped up peanut butter cups.

Cosmic Brownie

This was the first fatty I ever tried. In alignment with the space-themed room, this brownie is out of this world. It tastes just like those nostalgic, Cosmic Brownies from your childhood.


Break open this cookie and you’ll find a gooey marshmallow center. This soft cookie practically melts in your mouth.

Midnight Mint

If you like anything like an Andes Mint, this one is for you. The double chocolate, midnight dough is so rich and gooey. Topped with an Andes Mint and filled with mint chips, this is a mint-lover’s favorite.

You’ll Feel Like a Fatty After this Lineup…

These cookies are 110% worth every bite. While I usually can’t finish them all at once, they stay pretty fresh for a few days. Since they’re so thick and entirely soft in the center, they rarely turn stale or hard.

Goodnight Fatty is only open on the weekends! The shop opens at 5PM and stays open until 10 or 11PM. Get ’em while you can.

And ALWAYS order a full “Flight” aka all 3 cookies!

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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