Not Your Average Christmas Cocktail: 25 Festive Drinks to Cure Your Winter Blues

Sure, we all love a bubbly spritz or fruity cocktail over the summertime, but what about during the cold months of the year?

Wintertime drinks don’t just have to be Christmasy cocktails nor hot drinks – which aren’t always my style. (I tried to like mulled wine, but I don’t love the hot spices!)

I’m here to show ya’ a few options you can make from home, and continue to enjoy through the new year.

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How Sweet!

1. Chocolate Chestnut

The flavor combo you didn’t know you needed – and like a dessert! This recipe uses coffee liquor, bourbon, flavored syrups and cream.

2. Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Caramel gives this classic cocktail the wintery twist it needs! For such a straightforward recipe, this drink is divine.

3. Cadbury Cream Egg Cocktail

I had never heard of this one before, but as soon as I saw the photos, I knew it had to go on the to-do list. What a cute, festive idea!

4. Peppermint Martini

While definitely a dessert drink, it’s not too overly sweet! This martini is creamy, minty and perfectly festive.

5. The “Pink Squirrel”

Essentially a 1950’s American milkshake-made-martini, this cocktail makes a great dessert! It even has a cherry on top… you’ve gotta see this one.

6. Spiked Hot Chocolate

While arguably one of the simplest drinks, it’s a classic! This recipe also gives advice on the best liquors to use in your very own hot cocoa.

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Sparkling like it’s NYE

7. Pitcher O’ Citrus

This Christmasy cocktail is so cute, topped off with cranberries and a sprig of thyme or mint. It’s also easy to make in the volume you’d like – this recipe serves four.

8. Pomegranate Champagne Twist

Described as a “champagne margarita” and gorgeous in appearance, this simple drink is perfect for a NYE party! Ditch the usual champagne bottle and try out this recipe for your holiday party.

9. Ruby Vermouth Spritzers

It’s the perfect wintery spin on a summertime seltzer, with grapefruit, bitters and rosemary. And totally picture-worthy with a layered look.

10. Winter Very Berry

Not only is this cocktail so cute to serve in champagne flutes or wine glasses, but it’s also simple to make! It can conveniently be self-served from a jug for any party.

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Tastes like a Cookie

11. Gingerbread White Russian

Garnished with real gingerbread cookies, are you kidding? This tasty drink includes Kahlua, vodka, heavy cream and gingerbread syrup. Recipe for the syrup is included.

12. Sugar Cookie Martini

I’ve decided that this drink is a must for the holiday season. And with vanilla frosting on the rim… how much more festive could it get?

13. Snickerdoodle Shaker

Make sure to cinnamon-sugar that rim, and you’ve got yourself a snickerdoodle cookie! Rumchata, anyone?

14. Red Velvet Cupcake Martini

Using Bailey’s red velvet flavored liquor, this drink is essentially a dessert! If you can’t find the special liquor, regular Bailey’s will do as well, with natural or artificial red coloring or flavored syrups to substitute. 

15. Mocha Mezcal

This holiday drink is a light and chocolatey, with just a *pinch* of spice. The petition for more chocolate cocktails starts here.

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Cozy by the Fire

16. Hot Toddy

With either bourbon, rum or even whisky, this warm drink is perfect for a gathering around the fire. Garnish with lemon and a cinnamon stick or whole clove!

17. Boozy White Hot Chocolate

For all you vanilla lovers out there, this is the perfect alternative to a regular hot chocolate!

18. Buttered Rum

This sweet, buttery drink is like the liquid form of a homemade baked good. Vanilla, cinnamon and a few other warm spices make this drink a great alternative to adult hot chocolate.

19. Bourbon Ginger Cider

For both fall or winter, this cocktail is perfect for warming up by the fire. You can hold the spice or let all those bold flavors come out with the ginger beer… and it can be served hot or cold!

20. Eggnog Latte

Just add bourbon or flavored liquor to this alcohol-free recipe, or enjoy it as a regular, holiday-flavored latte!

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Fruity & Festive

21. The Royal Blue

Like a vodka-cran turned blue, this drink is bound to cure those post-holiday blues.

22. Vanilla Pear

This one can be made with or without those warm spices such as clove and star anise, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Sweet pear and sugary vanilla sounds like the perfect (and light) wintertime drink!

23. Cranberry Cosmo

A classic! This cocktail not only looks stunning on the dining room table, but is also a crowd pleaser. Cheers!

24. Delish’s “Giggle Juice”

With pink Moscato and lemonade, it may feel like summertime, but this drink is perfect for any girls night or NYE party!

25. Frostbite Tequila

Here to cure your winter blues, the Frostbite is creamy, a little sweet, and has a bite!

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I hope these festive drinks give a little inspiration for your holiday party or cozy night in, and enjoy the holidays this year!

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