5 Must-EATs in NYC

I recently spent 3 days in New York City and found some really great food spots that I just have to share!

First Up… You Need a NYC Rainbow Bagel.

The city is known for their bagels… especially their rainbow ones!

I’m sure there are plenty of great bagel shops around the expansive city, and I doubt any of them would disappoint, but the bagel I got from Liberty Bagels was too good to not highlight here.

Just LOOK at this goodness!

They had plenty of cream cheese flavors, including some sweet, salty & savory! I tried the peanut butter-Nutella cream cheese, and it was exactly what I was craving. My friend had the birthday cake cream cheese and said the same!

Whether you’re near the corner of 8th & W 35th aves, or anywhere else around the Big Apple, make sure to grab a bagel while you’re around. They’re famously delicious for all the right reasons!

Stacked Deli Sandwiches

I think this is one of the most underrated foods in New York City. We walked by so many delis while exploring Manhattan, and I wish I could’ve tried more!

I got a yummy chicken club from Local NYC near Madison Square Garden, while enjoying a relaxed, pub atmosphere – and the place wasn’t busy at all!

Next to our hotel was H-Yard Gourmet Deli, which had customizable sandwiches, wraps and an array of drinks and snacks for relatively cheap prices. The little corner delis are more often-than-not hidden gems. You can’t go wrong with a sandwich!

Alllll Kinds of Baked Goods

From Italian cream-filled croissants to Caribbean crescent-shaped dough patties, the city has a wide variety of house-baked goodness to choose from.

If you’re missing Boston’s famous Mike’s Pastry, you’re sure to find another cannoli that may (possibly) suffice the cravings here.

A few high-rated places to check out:

  1. Mel (known for their sourdough, if that’s your thing)
  2. SuperMoon Bakehouse (because “cruffins,” or croissant muffins… duh)
  3. Carlo’s Bakery (anyone seen the show Cake Boss??)
  4. Amy’s Bread (Parisian meets MidWestern)
  5. Mille-Feuille Bakery (French, buttery goodness)
  6. Sullivan St. Bakery (have you seen their sandwiches?!!)
  7. Angelina Bakery (I’m told to try the Bombolone donut)
  8. Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe (coffee and cannolis… enough said)
  9. Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods (I’ll take their word for it!)
  10. Big Booty Bread Co. (forget pastries, try their empanadas too)

Mexican Street Food Galore

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Dos Caminos near Times Square in Manhattan, and it was AMAZING. Their downstairs seating is such a hidden gem.

To the hostess’s dismay, we were brought downstairs to sit in the more “relaxed,” less formal “lunch spot.” My group thought, why not? No problem, we’ll take it.

The downstairs was even more welcoming and homey than upstairs, with a fun, speakeasy-meets-cantina vibe. We were seated in a circle of couches with tables in between, which was perfect for sharing our plates of salsas, chips and guacamole.

Not only was the food so tasty, but also beautifully presented! My enchiladas were almost too pretty to eat… but don’t worry, I indulged.

If you’re in Manhattan and craving Mexican food, make this little hidden gem the top of your list!

You Guessed It… Pizza!

What’s better than a $1 slice of cheese pizza?

I grabbed two $1 slices from 2 Bros Pizza, a close walk from Times Square, and was not disappointed in the slightest. They had a variety of flavors, from BBQ chicken and sausage-pepper-combos to four cheese and everything veggie.

You just can’t leave NYC without trying a greasy slice of a pizza pie. Bon appetit!

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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