Top 25 Family Friendly Activities To Do This Fall

Fall means pumpkins, foam lattes, crimson leaves and aromas of cinnamon and chai. If you live in or around New England, you’re likely ready to go apple picking with friends or leaf peeping through Vermont.

Here are the best things to do with family and friends as the leaves soon turn shades of red and orange.

1. Go Apple Picking

Grab some friends and pick a peck or half a bushel! Lots of farms have pick-your-own apples with plenty of types to choose from.

2. Bake Seasonal Cookies

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Nothing gets you more in the fall spirit than baking! From peanut butter and pumpkin to cinnamon and apple, try out a new fall recipe to get your kitchen smelling delicious.

3. Have a Fall Photoshoot

This time of year is always bursting with color. Grab a friend, a warm sweater, and find a cozy spot to take some pictures. Hint: pumpkin patches, hiking trails, leaf piles, lakes, puddles and rain boots, brick buildings… need I say more?

4. Go Hiking

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Autumn is a great time of year to go hiking!Crimson trees make a beautiful backdrop, and the treetop views at the top of a mountain in autumn are unbeatable. The weather is also close to perfect, with a crisp breeze that keeps you cool while getting your cardio on.

5. Take a Bike Ride

Cool morning temperatures and late summer sun make for an enjoyable bike ride. If you have bike trails near you, take advantage of their accessibility and scenery. Popular tourist spots in the summer also make for even better fall must-hit locations.

6. Paint Mini Pumpkins

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Get your arts and crafts on! Carving isn’t for everyone (I hate having to touch the inside of the pumpkin… ew) but painting can be so much fun! Have a spooky theme night and vote on the cutest (or maybe the scariest) mini pumpkin!

7. Go on a Hayride Adventure

What’s fall without a hayride? Many fall festivals feature a family-friendly hayride or maybe a haunted hayride! If you’re in upstate New York, check out West Mountain’s annual fall festival. For those around the Boston area, there are countless fairs to check out, including the Topsfield fair, Walpole’s Oktoberfest, Cambridge’s Carnival, Wicked Wednesdays in Salem, and several in the city up until November.

8. Make Apple Crisp

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This classic fall recipe has to be made at least once every time the season rolls around. Once it’s cool enough to turn the oven on and heat the house, make sure to give this one a try.

9. Play Football

As the days get cooler, gather family and friends for a game of football. This has always been a Thanksgiving tradition for my family, and it’s a lot of fun for such a diverse group of people.

10. Make a Scrapbook

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Get some colored paper, cute printouts, and make a happy little scrapbook of all the cool places you’ve visited and people you’ve spent time with. These are always a lot of fun to look back on later on.

11. (Almost) Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Exploring mazes is a popular family-friendly activity. Find a corn maze near you and try not to split up!

12. Go Leaf Peeping

New England is a huge tourist attraction for every season. When it comes to fall, you’ll see some of the most beautiful landscapes in this region. If you’re driving through Rutland or Woodstock, Vermont, make sure to make your way to the Adirondacks in upstate New York if you’re headed that way!

13. Carve Halloween Pumpkins

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It doesn’t have to be Halloween to be in the pumpkin-carving mood! Get started early this year and show off your designs to all your neighbors.

14. Attend a Fall Festival

Festivals are one of my favorite parts of fall. From caramel-drizzled popcorn and apple bobbing to hayrides and petting zoos, check out some of your local events to not miss out on the fall fun!

15. Explore a Haunted House

What’s more fun than venturing into a scary scene with your best friend? Get into the Halloween mood in Salem, Massachusetts, or anywhere you can find a good scare.

16. Go to a Petting Zoo

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Many fall festivals will feature animals such as llamas, horses or goats. Support your local animals shelters too!

17. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Before it gets too chilly, get out the mini projector and snuggle up with fuzzy blankets. Or make some warm apple cider and stay in with friends.

18. Bake Pie

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What better way to warm the house than with the smell of warm apple pie?

19. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

What to do with those gross insides of that pumpkin you just carved? Make pie, roast the seeds and enjoy a fun day of messy, homemade snacks.

20. Go Camping

Tent camping with your friends can be so much fun, especially when you can snuggle up as the nights get cold. If you’re up for it, check out local cabin-esc places to stay. Make it a mini, cheap vacation.

21. Visit a Sunflower Field

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Sunflowers are at their prime as summer comes to an end and before the nights get too frosty. A photoshoot in a sunflower field- what’s cuter than that?

22. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Support local farmers and businesses! My local market in Glens Falls, New York, always the best pastries, freshest seasonal vegetables and tastiest crepes.

23. Have a Picnic

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Picnics aren’t just for summer time! Bake some seasonal cookies, bring out the cheese and grapes, and find a place to watch the sunset. Don’t forget the fuzzy socks and extra blanket.

24. Do Some Arts and Crafts: DIY Decor!

If you haven’t taken down the summer aesthetic in your room or living room, here’s your chance. Your local dollar store has lots of supplies for super cute DIY decor. We’re talking signs, nature-themed mantle pieces, and spooky lights.

25. Make a Fall Wreath

As the leaves start to turn, there are lots of beautiful pieces of nature that can be harvested and made into a gorgeous wreath for your door. Try it with the help of your family, and you’ll have it up for all those trick-or-treaters to admire.

Happy Fall Y’all!

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some warm soup, apple cider donuts, and a relaxing day with family.

Need dinner ideas? Check out a pasta recipe here for hearty tomatoes, feta cheese and warm pasta for the whole family.

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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