Photography by Cat

I love to photograph my travel adventures, home-prepared meals, candid moments with friends and any little thing that makes me smile.

I like to carry around my pocket-sized Polaroid camera, especially when I’m in the city. Other photos are taken with my iPhone or a disposable film camera.

Here’s a peak into some moments, collections and scenes that I felt were worth capturing.

taken by Kathleen Montgomery, 2019

fun with film

endicott college, 2020-21

  • people at a dining table
  • person laying on pavement
  • selfie of 4 people

Trip Spotlight: Lake Placid, NY

This pretty village is rich in history, dating back to the 1932 Olympics. The artsy shops and stunning views make this place a great destination for a winter escape.


Lake Como, Italy: November 2022

Lugano, Switzerland

This little town just over the norhternItaly border was a s pontaneous day trip for a friend and I while staying in Como, Italy.

I was stunned by the views across every inch of this place.

In town, I was charmed by colored buildings, stone walls, medieval-style churches and the blue waters of Lugano Lake.

We went up a funicular to see the stunning views from the top of Monte Are, where I was able to get some great shots of the mountains and lake.


  • mirror in Gucci Museum
  • Statue of David
  • painted doors
  • paintings in Venice
  • jewelry in Venice
  • grafitti
  • ravioli

art in italy


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