Dorm Living: How to Optimize Storage

College housing doesn’t always have the best storage space, and some furniture is just too expensive to invest in. In this week’s Dorm Living advice, I’m here to show you some of my secrets in saving space AND money.

The Bed Shelfie

I’ve had a Shelfie since I was a freshman on a top bunk bed – not to mention, in a forced triple room that was fit for just two people. When there isn’t room for a nightstand or desk next to the bed, this comes in handy. I continue to use it now, even though my bed isn’t lofted.

It’s perfect for your water bottle, watch, clip on fan (shoutout to everyone with no AC in their room), tissue box, melatonin gummies, and it even has a slot for your phone charger!

The Best Bed Shelfie, Variety of Colors: 

Other Similar Items:

The Bedside Caddy: this one stays secure under your mattress, and has several sturdy pockets for a phone, journal, pen, charger, earbuds – and anything else.

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Hanging Closet Shelves

These foldable shelves optimize your hanging space x100.

The addition of 6 extra shelves on the small closet rod in my room gave me space for sweaters, pants, sweatshirts, tank tops, and a few other clothing pieces. You can also throw miscellaneous things in there if there’s no other good spot for it. My roommate kept a box of dryer sheets in the bottom shelf last year – whatever works.

Here are a few different products that I recommend checking out.

Basic and Affordable: 
Best Quality, Includes Drawers: 

Best Deal, Great for Clothing Accessories: 

Rolling Cart

These are great for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere, really!

I currently have one in my bathroom to fit all our cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. When I didn’t have my own suite, we used a cart in our bedroom to put our coffee machine and snacks on. Even if you do have a kitchen, you can never go wrong with extra snack storage.

Best Deal, Comes in a Few Colors: 

Ottoman Cube

These storage cubes also function as step stools and footrests. If your bed is raised, like mine, sometimes jumping up there can be a little difficult. These can also be nice to have as an extra little seat in your room for guests. You can put school books in there, fill it with snacks, or store socks or other clothing pieces in there.

They’re very versatile, and not too expensive of an investment. Here are a few products that come in different colors and materials. Check ’em out.

15×15, Padded Linen 

15.7×15.7, Velvet, Variety of Colors 

13×12, Faux Leather 

Under the Bed Storage

I was placed on a bunk bed both of my first two years at school. Even if you don’t necessarily have space under “your bed,” ask your roommate if you can share some of the space. I mean, isn’t it fair since it’s technically under BOTH of your beds?

Either way, take advantage of the space under your bed. Whether it’s for clothes, workout equipment, shoes, or even snacks you want to hide from your roommates, this is a necessity.

Clear Bin, Holds 42 Quarts: 

Shoe Organizer, Sturdy, Set of 2: 

Dresser Drawer Storage

These foldable organizers are great for your sock/underwear drawers. The dresser drawers at my school are pretty deep, and I hate to have things loose in there with the ability to fly around every time I open the drawer. I’ve been using these since freshman year, and I highly recommend them!

I even packed this in my suitcase to Italy because it’s foldable. It made the lifetime of the difference when I had no drawers, just an open wardrobe!

Great for Socks, Underwear, Accessories: 

Make the Most of What You Have

Whether you’re in a small room with a few others or you have an apartment-style suite, make the most of your space! Many of these options are also cheaper than buying a dresser or ottoman from Target, while I do love a good Target run. Save money, optimize your space, and make your dorm room look the CUTEST ever.

Yours Truly,

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