My New Favorite Brunch Spot: Thorn + Roots!

Avocado toast with a poached egg and an original açaí bowl

Whether it’s the morning after a night out or a quick on-my-way-to-work breakfast, nothing beats a good brunch. Recently, I’ve admittedly found myself going to the same places for a bite to eat. My list of go-to brunch places has been checked off a few too many times, and I’ve been craving a new taste. It wasn’t until I looked south of Glens Falls that I found a place that seemed tailored just to my taste.

I looked up “smoothie places” on GoogleMaps and scrolled through the same old list of places that are seemingly too far away from the little town of Glens Falls. Most people would agree that it is preferable to not drive 32 miles just for breakfast, right? If you didn’t already know, Jeeps are awful on gas mileage. I settled with a destination of Saratoga Springs, just a quick 20 minute drive away, and boy was it worth it.

The Best Smoothie Bowl Award Goes To…

Located just off of exit 15 on the Northway, Urban Roots Kitchen (EDIT: Now called Thorn + Roots) is the perfect little nook for avocado lovers like me. They have numerous healthy options, from açaí bowls to avocado toast to hearty protein bowls. Yum!

Not only is Thorn + Roots absolutely delicious, but such an aesthetically pleasing place! While many indoor seating options are limited during COVID-19, Thorn + Roots provides comfortable, socially-distanced seating in their cafe. The cafe’s modern look is especially inviting to millennials, being the perfect spot for ‘gram-worthy photos. I mean, who doesn’t love a green, avocado-shaped neon sign??

Today’s Menu

For my first time there, I had to try my two favorite foods: avocado toast and acai.

I ordered the Avocado + Egg, which was DELICIOUS. Their rich, branded seasoning and zesty lemon flavor topped on sourdough toast was unlike any other avocado toast I’ve ever tried. Combined with a poached egg, I was over the moon.

I also ordered the original açaí bowl, which came topped with strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, shaved coconut flakes and almond butter. The seasonal fruit (I had never tried blackberries on a smoothie bowl before!?) was perfectly complimentary to the sweet açaí smoothie. Definitely a favorite menu item.

I saw another girl order a smoothie bowl that was BLUE. Called “Blue My Mind,” this will definitely be my next menu order. I’ll let you know how that one rates next – as I’ll definitely be returning to Thorn + Roots soon.

Yours Truly,

Cat Taylor

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